Why Do Bass Fishermen Wear Masks?

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You witnessed it plenty of times to wonder: why do bass fishermen wear masks? You occasionally go on fishing trips yourself but never wore one, and you saw other fishermen without masks either. So, is there something different about bass fishing that requires anglers to wear masks?

Bass fishermen wear masks as a matter of preference the same way you’re comfortable without a mask. Typically, an angler wears a mask to protect their face from the elements, see the fish better, and find heat relief. Wearing a mask can also help prevent them from getting skin cancer.

Anglers generally utilize masks as a means to protect themselves from the elements and, as a bonus, the masks provide excellent heat relief and allow fishermen to see the fish better, too. This article will explain why bass fishermen wear masks during their trips. Likewise, it will discuss how mask-wearing isn’t exclusively useful for bass fishermen but also other anglers.

Protects Their Face From the Elements

You’ll see anglers fishing on land by beaches or lakes on days with calm weather, and there’s a chance you fished on similar places and days, too. But here’s a grey side to fishing: optimal fishing days don’t happen every day, and you’ll need to go wherever the fish are so you can catch them. 

Some fish reside so deep underwater that fishermen need to get on a boat and stay in the middle of the ocean for hours. Meanwhile, other fish love to come out in bad weather. Bass love creeks, underwater structures, bridge pilings, and deep drop-offs. So, if you need to stay in different places under different weather conditions, you’ll understand how bass fishermen and other anglers wear masks. 

Sun and Water Are Your Enemies When on a Boat

You already know that patience is the key when you’re fishing, but you may not think about what fishing entails. To fish, you often need to be in a boat or to stay still for long periods as the sun’s hot rays sear your skin and the water potentially beats against your face. 

Staying under the sun’s burning gaze isn’t exactly nice, especially when the sun attempts to fry your face. You can experience something as irritating as skin discoloration and sunburn or something as worse as eventual skin cancer from constant sun exposure. 

As for the water, you’ll find it annoying that it keeps splashing your face whenever waves come, so you’ll want to protect your face from it. Fishermen are sometimes cautious about dirty, muddy water that can get into their mouths and noses as they fish, especially if they’re trying to catch aggressive bass on creeks.

Surprisingly, Too Much Wind Hurts, Too

Bass fishermen and other anglers may wear masks to cover themselves from the wind, too. Fishermen are likely to feel more tired when the wind beats against their bodies. If you’ve ever placed your face in front of a fan or your car’s air conditioner, you’ll know how it feels when the wind beats your face too much. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes exhausting. At other times, it may even give you headaches.

Besides that, the cold wind tends to leave your lips dry. It’s quite a hassle when this happens when you’re fishing. On rare occasions, it can cause windburn, too, which feels similar to a sunburn despite being caused by cold air. 

Insects Tend To Annoy Most Fishermen

Fish aren’t the only animals around when anglers fish. Insects tend to bug fishermen as well, especially if they’re fishing in creeks for bass or other secluded areas for other fish. So, when anglers wear a mask while fishing, there’s a chance they’re covering their faces from annoying insects like mosquitoes and others.

Plays a Crucial Role in Skin Cancer Prevention

As mentioned above, you’re vulnerable to the sun when you’re fishing. Anglers wearing masks lessen their chances of developing skin cancer. Additionally, by using a mask, anglers don’t need to apply sunscreen and worry they missed a spot or two.

Fishing Masks and Sunscreen

Sunscreen tends to irritate some anglers, so they forego it and opt for masks. Besides protecting them from the elements, it’s also more comfortable than sunscreen. The masks also ensure adequate coverage for the fishermen’s faces compared to sunscreen.

Enables Them To See Fish Better

Fishing masks don’t act like charms to attract fish, but they can help fishermen see fish better by reducing the sun’s glare from the water. If worn correctly, where the mask sits just right under one’s eyes, a fisherman can create a shield against the sun’s blinding reflection.

Provides Heat or Cold Relief

Imagine needing to fish under warm weather for hours. You’ll be sweaty and most likely irritated. So, some fishermen discovered the joy of mask-wearing, where the masks serve as moisture wickers to keep them dry and comfortable. If you browse around Amazon or other places that market fishing masks, you’ll notice they sell various masks with different fabrics, styles, and priorities to cater to fishermen’s needs.

Besides warm weather, fishermen may also face weather that’s too cold, where a mask still comes in handy. Instead of wicking moisture to keep them dry, the mask will keep the fishermen warm while fishing. If a fisherman isn’t affected by the weather while fishing, they can focus better on the fish they’re trying to catch.

Bass Tend To Lean Towards Aggressiveness

Bass fishermen may also wear masks more than typical anglers due to the bass’ aggressiveness. Bass tend to trash around, which can lead to plenty of dirt splashed on fishermen’s faces. Hence, bass anglers wishing to avoid the mess may choose to wear masks.

Wearing Face Masks When Fishing

So, if mask-wearing isn’t limited to bass fishermen and you happen to occasionally fish, should you start wearing a mask when fishing, too? You can choose to wear a fishing face mask if you’re after the benefits it offers, but you can also fish without wearing a fishing mask. 

As portrayed earlier, if the weather leans on the calm side, you may find that a fishing mask isn’t useful to you. However, if you’re fishing under warm, windy, or rainy weather, wearing a face mask is advisable. You’ll also appreciate the fishing mask’s usefulness if you want to keep things like dirt, ocean water, wind, and insects from your face.

If you’re thinking of starting on mask-wearing while fishing, check out Fishing Alabama Waters’ quick and excellent guide about the ways you can wear a fish mask on YouTube:

Fishing Mask Recommendations

If you’re thinking of obtaining fishing face masks, you can head on to your local department store to purchase them. Alternatively, you can browse Amazon for great finds like BassDash UPF 50+ Neck Gaiter, KastKing UV Mask, SA UV Shield Pack, or Yemo Cooling Cover.

When purchasing fishing masks, ensure that they provide adequate ultraviolet protection and contain moisture-wicking properties. Cotton fishing masks are breathable and widely available, while polyester masks are less breathable. These days, you may find seamless fishing masks, too, which are highly comfortable and smooth.

Final Thoughts

Bass fishermen and other anglers wear masks to protect their faces from the elements and insects, see fish better, and experience some heat or cold relief. You’ll see fishermen wear masks similar to how others wear hats. It’s entirely up to their preferences, which means some fishermen may take precautions while fishing and others may just shrug some concerns off.


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