FieldStaff Application

Would You Like The Chance To Become A

Paid ProStaff Member?

Show us what you've got by being a top performer in our 2018 FieldStaff program.

I will say this, if your first thought or question to us is..."Whats in it for me?" or "What do I get?" then I will be extremely honest with you and tell you right now, we don't need you on our team. This program is for true outdoor enthusiast looking to become professionals.

That being said, we do offer some pretty sweet benefits to the members of our team. 

Now, after getting that out of the way. Lets get down to business. 

Do you love the outdoors?

Do you dream about your next hunting trip, fishing trip or shooting event?

Were you thinking about the outdoors when you said your wedding vows? (We wont tell!)

Do you want to become part of an outdoor family?

Would you like the chance to get payed to be apart of the outdoor community?

If you've answered yes to all of these questions then please feel free to Apply Here. We will not share your info with anyone.