16 Best Gifts To Get for Bass Fishermen

Bass fishing is so popular in the U.S. that 30 million of the country’s people are bass fishermen. The fishing industry must always develop innovative products to enhance anglers’ fishing experience and increase their productivity in the waters. If there’s a special bass angler in your life who you want to surprise with a gift this year, we’ve found some of the best options you might want to consider.

The best gift to get for bass fishermen is the Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting Reel, which features an excellent brake system that prevents backlash and maximizes distance. For catching small and big bass quickly, the Z-Man Big TRD would make an attractive bait.

This article will explore the 16 best gifts to get for bass fishermen that are available on the market today. We will discuss every product’s features, benefits, and why they would make an excellent gift for a bass fisherman.

What To Consider When Choosing a Gift for a Bass Fisherman

When choosing a gift for a bass fisherman, you want to ask yourself these questions:

  • What fishing item would they like to have?
  • Do they have a specific fishing item they’ve always wanted?
  • Is there a particular reason why you want to get the gift?
  • What is your budget?

Of course, there are many other questions to ask yourself, but these questions will help you decide what to get for the bass fisherman in your life. We’ve listed some of the items a bass fisherman would like, with some of their prices being on the high side. We based our choices on convenience, ease of use, quality, appearance, pricing, and usefulness. 

Best Baitcasting Reel: Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting Reel

A bass fisherman will appreciate a nice baitcasting reel. Baitcasting reels have been top-rated among bass anglers, be it rank beginners or season pros. Bass anglers use baitcasting reels to cast lures such as jigs, crankbait, or spinnerbaits with pinpoint accuracy. 

A baitcasting reel, though, requires skills because when you throw a light lure into the wind, you need to be able to thumb the spool as the line flows off. When baitcasting, you may experience backlash, which is when the spool does not slow down even though the lure does, causing your line to tangle. The tangled mess of line is known as a “bird’s nest.”

Many anglers tend to avoid using a baitcasting reel because of the tangled mess of line that may come with it. However, they do not have to worry much about this problem using the Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting Reel. Thanks to the baitcasting reel’s digitally-controlled braking system, a backlash becomes more difficult.

The Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting Reel is available in three different retrieve speeds and models for both right and left-handed anglers. The Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting Reel is so versatile and durable that it can be used in various weather conditions. With this baitcasting reel, no adjustments needed when changing lures or baits.

In terms of pricing, the Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting Reel is on the high end. However, the quality of the baitcasting reel justifies the steep price. The product is high-quality and durable, so it is something that will last for a long time.

Best Bait for Bass Fishing: Z-Man Big TRD

Photo Credit – aleksandr_zajac

The product’s name might sound funny, but the Z-Man Big TRD is seriously a fish-catching machine, making it an excellent gift for a bass fisherman. This product is advantageous at catching smallmouth and largemouth bass. Bass anglers will find the Z-Man Big TRD perfect for bass that are in a neutral mood.

A bigger version of the bait is called the Giant TRD, which is 4 inches long and made of hyper-resilient ElaZtech. You can pair the lure with the Z-Man’s Shroomz heads to create the perfect Ned Rig combination. Whether you choose the Z-Man Big TRD or its giant version, you can conveniently throw the bait out, let it sit vertically, and wait for the bass to approach you.

The giant TRD is very useful for catching bigger bass. Why not get both the Z-Man Big TRD and the Giant TRD as your gift? The Big and Giant baits can be used interchangeably during bass fishing.

Best Braided Line: Seaguar Smackdown Hi-Vis Braid

Suppose you are giving a gift to an older bass fisherman or anyone with weak eyesight. In that case, they will appreciate you offering them the Seaguard Smackdown Hi-Vis Braid, which is a high-visibility line with eight fibers fused. The line is reliable and will cut any vegetation that gets in the way when removing bass from the cover down to the boat. 

The Seaguard Smackdown Hi-Vis Braid is a thin braided line, although small but strong. Its braided line’s 20 lb diameter is the same as a 6 lb mono. Your bass fisherman friend will also appreciate the line’s abrasion resistance and smooth casting.

The Seaguard Smackdown Hi-Vis Braid is available in many different sizes: from 10 lb to 65 lb. You might want to get the 65 lbs line for fishing in heavy covers.15 lb Smackdown is a good line that you can put in your spinning reel, giving you strength and abrasion resistance of the braided line, but it is very castable.

Best Bass Fishing Fleece Hoodie: AFTCO Reaper Performance Fleece Hoodie

Bass fishers would usually spend hours outside fishing bass. The weather can be unpredictable sometimes, so it would be best to wear reliable clothing, like the AFTCO Reaper Performance Fleece Hoodie. You will make the recipient happy as the hoodie is made of high-quality microfleece fabric that comes with a breathable face gaiter.

The hoody’s face gaiter will protect the angler from strong wind, rain, or water splashing when the boat moves on the water at a fast speed. Since the hoodie is resistant to stain, the wearer does not have to worry about fish blood and slime dirtying the fabric. Available in many different colors, the AFTCO Reaper Performance Fleece Hoody can be worn as a mid-layer as it is designed to preserve the wearer’s natural warmth.

The hoody will keep the wearer super warm but not overheated, thanks to its laser-cut vented underarms. Instead of a drawstring, the hoody uses a cinch cord that makes it easy for the wearer to adjust its tightness. Keeping small items in the hoody’s side pockets is also easy thanks to its secure block tape pocket closure — better and more long-lasting than velcro.

Best Bait Storage Box: Plano Edge Master Crankbait XL Tackle Box

The angler in your life can surely benefit from a tool organizing box like the Plano Edge Master Crankbait XL Tackle Box, especially if they’re into crankbaits. Crankbaits can easily get tangled, but this problem can be avoided using the Plano Edge Master Crankbait XL Tackle Box. You can manage your lures using the silicone “fingers” inside the box that keeps them from getting entwined.

The box does not get rusty quickly, and it has a waterproof seal. Anglers will appreciate the box’s transparent lid because it makes it easier for them to see what’s inside the box — very helpful if the angler has a comprehensive collection of crankbaits. Keeping the box under a boat deck storage is also easy.

Best Women’s Water-Based Sunglasses: Costa Del Mar Women’s Waterwoman Rectangular Sunglasses

If you are giving a gift to a female bass angler, you might want to give her a pair of high-quality, fashionable sunglasses, like the Costa Del Mar sunglasses. The sunglasses are perfect when fishing smallmouths, finding spawning largemouths, hanging out by the river, and more. Eye protection is essential, mostly when one spends a lot of time outdoors, so a good pair of sunglasses can be worn all day long, even under the harshest weather.

The female angler in your life will appreciate the sunglasses’ resin frame and U.V. protection. Made in the USA, the Costa Del Mar sunglasses are polarized and use a glass lens. When not used during fishing, anglers can wear the Costa Del Mar sunglasses to walk in the city or hang out at the beach.

Best Portable Digital Scale: Rapala RHCDS50 High-Contrast 50 LBS Digital Scale

Often, anglers want to weigh the bass they’ve caught, so a mobile digital scale is handy. You could give the bass angler in your life a reliable digital scale like the Rapala RSDS 50 that can weigh things up to 50 lb. The product is travel-friendly and has a reverse image LCD for better viewing.

Anglers can choose the measuring system they prefer — lb./oz., decimal lbs. or kg. There is a memory back-up, too. With the Rapala digital scale, anglers can weigh their bass using a fish grip instead of using the gills. 

Many people like this digital scale because it is high-contrast. Even if the sun is bright, anglers can read the scale properly. The digital scale is intuitive, making it easy to use.

Even better, anglers can store weights of up to 8 fishes. The digital scale is also capable of showing the current temperature. You might not notice this, but the digital scale is also a bottle opener — so anglers can conveniently open a bottle of their favorite bottled drink while fishing.

Best Magnet Lure Holder: T-H Marine Tackle Titan

All bass anglers understand how important it is to have a proper management system for their fishing lures. Chances are, the bass fisherman in your life might already have an organizing system in place for their fishing supplies. There is no harm in giving a tackle management system like the T-H Marine Tackle Titan as a gift.

The Titan includes three pairs of lure hangers and a 12.65-inch galvanized mounting plate. With the Titan, anglers can display their lures, so they can quickly pick them up the next time they need them. Mount the Titan to the inside of a storage compartment, the wall, or anywhere you can easily keep them.

Many anglers who use the Titan find it easy to use — lures attach easily on the magnet, and they don’t fall off as they’re running to the lake with them. The magnets are durable and portable. Use double-sided tape to set up the Titan and ensure it does not come off quickly.

Alternatively, anglers can also use number 6-size screws to attach the Titan to their storage boxes’ lid. 

Best GoPro Fishing Camera: GoPro Hero Session

Anyone who is into fishing on a boat or kayak would know how exciting it is to be on the water, especially when hunting for big bass. Wouldn’t it be nice to capture all the good fishing moments? We’re pretty sure that the GoPro Hero Session would be an excellent gift for any bass fisherman.

GoPro is well-known for its video recording. Anglers will appreciate the camera’s H.D. video and time-lapse pictures. The camera is perfect for bass anglers because it is small, easy to carry, and waterproof even without housing. With the camera’s hands-free images, anglers can set the camera however they want and capture fishing moments, like setting up the hook, casting, or holding the “bass” catch of the day.

The Session can easily be mounted on the head so that the camera can record smoothly while the hands are busy fishing. Due to its small size, the Session is not heavy, and it is the smallest and lightest GoPro yet. In terms of battery life, the GoPro Session has a push-button feature that helps conserve battery.

Best Waterproof Breathable Jacket: Carhartt® Men’s Waterproof Shoreline Jacket

Sometimes rain starts pouring when you’re fishing, and the last thing you want is to get soaked. It will be very thoughtful of you to give an outdoor waterproof nylon jacket, like the Carhartt® Men’s Shoreline Jacket, to a bass fisherman. The jacket will protect the bass fisherman from rain, mud, and snow.

Every angler wants to stay warm, dry, and comfortable. With the Carhartt® Men’s Shoreline Jacket, the angler of your life can fish happily in any weather, thanks to the jacket’s breathable laminated membrane that keeps them cool while wicking moisture away. The jacket has a heavy-duty front zipper and double storm flaps to ensure warmth does not escape easily from the wearer.

The inner sleeve polyester storm cuffs also help keep water out, keeping the angler’s hands dry. For extra warmth, the jacket includes a detachable visored hood that the angler can put on anytime and an adjustable draw-cord closure to tighten the hood so that it fits the head perfectly. There is a map pocket on the left-chest with waterproof zipper closure and two front pockets for keeping small items.

The Carhartt® Men’s Shoreline Jacket is available in different sizes and colors. When not worn for fishing, anglers can use it for other activities like walking at the park or exploring the backcountry. Many people have said that the jacket runs large, which is alright for those who plan on wearing layers of clothes underneath; otherwise, you might want to get a size smaller.

Best Crankbait Net: Frabill Conservation Series Crankbait Net

Many bass anglers fish for fun and will sometimes release their catches. Catching fish and then releasing it back to the water can sometimes be bad for the fish because it can get injured in the process. That’s where the Frabill Conservation Series Crankbait Net comes in.

The Conservation Series is meant for anglers who want to practice safe catch-and-release. Using a strong knotless conservation net, a premium rubber grip, and an ultra-durable Pow’R Lok™ yoke, the product is stronger than ever. Often, a fish gets injured by sharp knots; anglers will be happy to know that they won’t hurt their catches, thanks to the net’s 100% knotless mesh netting.

The Conservation Series has a flat, linear bottom that supports the fish’s weight and reduces rolling. There is no need to worry about tangling as the net features a tangle-free coating, preventing hooks from getting tangled in the net. Anglers will be glad to know that they can use the net for a long time, thanks to the MeshGuard™ hoops that can extend the net’s lifespan.

It is easy to carry the net around and keep it. The Conservation Series comes in multiple hoop sizes with a collapsible or telescoping handle. Thanks to the net’s convenient handle, it becomes easier for anglers to perform one-hand operations.

Best Fishing Grip Sleeves: Winn Reel Grip Sleeves

It’s painful to watch when you’re about to catch a fish, but one of your hands slips off the fishing reel. A situation like this can happen when you’re dealing with big smallmouth bass. If your hands slip off the reel handle, that fish has a millisecond to escape.

The angler can avoid the problem using the Winn Reel Grip Sleeves. All you need to do is use it with your spinning reel. You get a better grip (with minimal effort) with the grip sleeves installed.

The Winn Reel Grip Sleeves would make an excellent gift. Anything that helps a bass fisherman fish better is perfect. The grip sleeves are suitable for most brands and styles of reels.

Best Bass Fishing Rod: St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

You could also give the bass fisherman in your life something very special, like the St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod that uses mid-modulus graphite fiber. Compared to other fibers, the graphite fiber has more strain count. The Triumph spinning rod is sturdy but lighter than most rods.

The product comes with a 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix, so you will be happy to know that the rod will accompany the angler in your life for a longer time. It is easy to work with the Triumph as it has a premium-grade cork handle that helps anglers get a better grip of the fish rod. Anglers who use it have praised it for its sensitivity and its quick tip.

Despite its size, the Triumph fishing rod is strong enough to catch different types of fish. You can catch a 3 lb catfish with it, even a 5 lb bass. That said, a bass fisherman would love this as a gift for any occasion. Not to mention the rod’s versatility — it can be used with a wide range of baits and can be used to fight both small and big fish.

When you’re buying a St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod, you’re not just buying a rod that costs more than $100, but an affordable, high-quality rod that’s going to last long. The Triumph is suitable for anglers of all fishing levels. For the price and the value you’re getting, the Triumph is value for money.

Best Fishing Backpack: Wild River Nomad Fishing Backpack

Many modern bass fishers now can be seen carrying cool fishing backpacks — because classic-style tackle boxes are not as convenient to carry. Classic-style tackle boxes are typically big and bulky, even though they do not hold much gear. It’s not fun traveling with old-fashioned tackle boxes that would bump into rocks and trees along the way.

A fishing backpack like the Wild River Nomad Fishing Backpack is an excellent replacement for a classic style tackle box. Use the bag for backcountry fishing, even at tournaments. The backpack is so convenient that it can be carried on the back easily or tied to the boat.

A good fishing backpack is a bag that is made of high-quality materials and can offer massive storage for keeping fishing supplies. The Wild River Nomad is not cheap, but its quality built justifies the high price tag. Made using heavy-duty nylon, rust-proof high-quality plastic zippers, and strong padded shoulder straps, the Wild River Nomad is sure to accompany the angler in your life for a long time.

A good fishing backpack must have enough organizational pockets where anglers can store fishing items easily. The Wild River Nomad has five side and back pockets, perfect for keeping fishing, snacks, and personal items. The top hard plastic pocket is small but big enough to store sunglasses and other small items.

When not carried, the backpack can sit nicely on the ground thanks to its fixed base and rubber feet. The pack also comes with 4 Plano 3600 utility boxes where you can store your baits. There are even tool holders on the bag where you can hang pliers or scissors and a water-resistant rain cover to protect the bag from rain or dust and dirt. 

Another feature that makes the backpack stand out is the backpack’s small light, very convenient when fishing in the dark. Anglers can use the light to find the items in the pocket or when working on their fishing rod. If the light is too bright, anglers can always switch the white light to dual green lights.

Best Waterproof Fishing Shoes: Simms Challenger Mid Waterproof Boat Shoes

No one wants their feet wet, especially when fishing for hours. Why not get the Simms Challenger Mid Waterproof Boat Shoes for the bass fisherman in your life and keep their feet comfortable outdoors all day long? The shoes are made of waterproof breathable nylon ripstop, which means the wearer’s feet can breathe properly while also protected from rain or snow, and the show fabric will not tear easily.

The shoe sole is made of rubber and has nice siping on them, giving the angler stability when standing on the boat or wet areas. There is a good-quality footpad with a pronounced arch inside each side of the shoes to provide the angler with more foot support when they’re out all day fishing. Also, there is a TPU heel cup that is designed to increase ankle support and lateral control.

Best Mug for Anglers: Yeti Rambler Mug

It may take a while before an angler catches their first fish, so a cup of hot drink would be nice while waiting. Why not give the Yeti Rambler Mug as a gift for the bass fisherman in your life? With this cute and easy-to-carry mug, an angler can sip hot tea or coffee while fishing, even in colder temperatures.

The mug can keep freshly-prepared drinks warm thanks to the mug’s double-wall vacuum insulation. The mug will not scratch or peel easily. There is no need to worry about damp or frostbite fingers when drinking from a mug in the outdoors because the Yeti Rambler Mug does not sweat.

The Yeti Rambler Mug is not cheap, but its great features make it worth considering. While the mug doesn’t have a slider lid, it has a strong lid that will keep drinks hot for hours. Anglers will never again spill hot drinks while they’re walking with the mug.

Due to the Yeti Rambler Mug’s small size, the mug makes a perfect travel companion, and anglers can easily hang it to their backpacks when it is not filled with liquid. Even when used in snowy winter outdoors, the mug maintains good heat retention. Considering how much time bass anglers spend fishing outside, this would make a perfect gift.

Final Thoughts

Fishing is one of the world’s most popular activities, and in the U.S. alone, there are about 30 million bass fishermen. That said, you can find tons of cool fishing equipment and accessories today. You won’t run out of ideas on what to give to the bass fisherman in your life.

It can be challenging to determine what to buy for a bass fisherman. The best gift doesn’t have to be the most expensive, so select your gift based on convenience, usefulness, and budget. Essential fishing items such as reels, baits, or braids would be perfect.


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